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Challenge Roadside Inspection Violations


Roadside Violation Challenges with the U.S. DOT

Challenging roadside violations can help improve your CSA Safety Scores.

State troopers make mistakes. You have the right to challenge and request removal of such incorrectly issued violations from your safety record.

What Can You Challenge?

Anything that you do not agree with. Examples include:

  • Violations for unpaid UCR before the month of March (a new deadline for UCR has been issued)
  • Form and manner violations incorrectly cited as false logs
  • Registration violations
  • Obstruction of view (GPS, phone, ipod) violations if within regulatory distance from window edges
  • Inspections on vehicles that were not driving under your authority
  • Missing clean inspections from your records
  • Mechanical defects where a licensed mechanic did not agree with the police officer's findings
  • Use of left lane when necessary to avoid an accident or dangerous situation
  • Use of hands-free devices requiring only 1 button to operate

All Hoffenmer Random Programs are fully compliant with Title 490 of the CFR part 382