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Texas Operating Authority

TxDMV Certificate Filing Assistance.

TxDMV Certificate

  • All commercial vehicles operating strictly within the borders of the State of Texas, which meet the below qualifications, must register with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain the TxDMV Certificate Number.
  • The TxDMV Certificate must be insured with the company's insurance provider. The insurance provider must submit the proof of insurance (Form E or Form H / I).
  • The renewal period of TxDMV Certificate varies based on the period the certificate was registered. The renewal period may be every 12 or 24 months. The commercial vehicles engaged in solely intrastate operations, must file UCR Registration every year. If said intrastate CMVs engage in intrastate operations, they still must register TxDMV Certificate, however they may not be obligated to renew their Certificate, provided the UCR Registration is completed annually, and insurance policy is kept on file with Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.


M-F: 9am - 5pm CT

Regulation Overview

Name: TxDMV Number (Certificate)

Regulation Code: TX Transp. Code Ch. 643

Due Date: Check issued Certificate

Questions: (512) 634-8835

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