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Hoffenmer Random Programs

National DOT Random Drug Testing Program for Trucking Companies
Company Fee
Driver Fee
Random Drug Test
Random Alcohol Test


It's 100% Free. No renewals. No recurring fees. Enroll as many drivers as you want. Never pay a driver-fee. Never pay a company-fee.

The only money you pay us upfront is the one-time $200 account setup fee. And you never pay it again.

If your driver(s) is/are selected for random tests you simply pay for the test. And the test fee is one of the industry lowest at $65.

100% Free Membership. There is no catch.

Yes, this membership type is Free.

No company fees
No driver fees
No renewals

What will you have to pay?

While the membership is free, we do collect a one-time $200 setup fee. You pay this fee only once and never again. It does not recur.

With the Free Membership you only pay for random tests and only if you or your driver(s) is/are selected. The test fees are capped at $65 - industry lowest test rates.

How likely are your drivers to be selected ? There is a 1 in 4 chance or 25% of your driver being selected. This is true of any DOT-approved random program as it is a federal requirement to selected at least 25% of consortium members for testing. The statistics are the same for every random program. Our programs stand out due to our low, unmatched membership fees.

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All Hoffenmer Random Programs are fully compliant with Title 40 of the CFR part 382